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Low Carb Monte Cristo Recipe

If you have ever had a warm, crisp, Monte Cristo sandwich with melting swiss cheese and sweet ham all nestled in on a french toast bed, you will know the flavor I was trying to recreate. Sweet, savory and oh-so-satisfying. Recipe by Whey Too Sweet.

With some egg whites, Devotion Nutrition's Angel Food Cake Protein Powder and ground flax meal, I was able to capture a bit of that sweet, french toast flavor. Add two slices of sliced, smoked turkey breast and a slice of swiss cheese and you get that satiating sweet, salty flavor that busts your weekend breakfast or brunch cravings!


Method: In large frypan, medium heat add half of your batter (combine your ingredients) and swirl until evenly distributed.

Cook one side and then flip when edges curl away from pan. I use my fingers to flip for best results. 

Add ham or turkey and swiss cheese.

Fold over and let heat melt cheese and warm turkey or ham. Serve warm.


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  • Mary

    Fabulous idea! Thank you for this!!!! I would like to add to anyone reading recipe, use Applegate products no fillers, nitrates, sulfates – only meat products I will buy! :)

  • Allison

    I just made the Monte Cristo from Whey Too Sweet’s recipe, but I was prepping and realized I had just used the majority of my egg whites in another recipe so I used 1/2 cup egg whites and a 1/4 cup water. I also thought I had flax meal, but I realized I didn’t label my container and it was almond meal. Oh well! It all worked out and tastes great. The ONLY problem is that I can’t eat the whole serving so I have leftovers. Thanks for the great recipes and keep them coming!

  • Gina and Dana

    Thanks Mary, we’re big fans of Applegate too.

  • Betsy

    Made the Low Carb Monte Cristo for Sunday Brunch!!!!!
    YUMMY….I thought my Monte Cristo days were GONE…They are BACK :) Thanks “Whey Too Sweet”

  • Angela

    I love this! Adaptation is how Whey Too Sweet came to be!


  • Gina and Dana

    Thanks for sharing Allison. Looks like we found an alternate Monte Cristo recipe. Way to improvise and adapt! And leftovers are never a bad thing..

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