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Our Story

2013 The Idea

A company begins with an idea, a dream, an emotion. Dana Lynn Kaye brought to fruition her dream of a flavorful world and the end of boring, bland foods.  With passion and persistence, she acted on that dream to make a positive change for herself and in the lives of others. 

2015 The Introduction

With the knowledge that we can cut sugar and still enjoy our food, Devotion Nutrition is introduced to the marketplace.  

2016 Devotion Culture

We’re more than a product, brand, or lifestyle. We are a culture; a way of thinking and being for those seeking maximum physical, mental, spiritual, and social improvement – from the inside out.

2018 The Rebrand

We take risks and pursue new ideas. We were born curious with a desire for a deeper understanding through exploration and experience.

Can't Stop.   Won’t stop.   Until It's Done.