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    • What is the difference between the Original and Stevia protein powder?
      Devotion Nutrition saw the need for both sweetener systems, since some prefer one over the other. The Original is sweetened with Sucralose (Splenda). Sucralose tends to be sweeter than Stevia. We offer both sweetener systems to fit your taste and personal preference. We offer sample packs so you can try both before you commit to one or the other. They both bake, fluff and mix the same. It's best to try before you buy to see which is best for you. Watch this short VIDEO to learn more about our protein powders. 
    • What are Flex Flavors and how are they used?
      Put simply, Flex Flavors are flavored Stevia sweetener packets with 1 gram of fiber, NO calories, NO sugar, and NO Gluten. They are also lactose free. They are great for flavoring your foods, protein shakes and hot beverages. Simply add them to your oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes, waffles, tea, coffee or even sprinkle them over egg whites, used in salad dressings, etc. However you use sweetener, you can use Flex Flavors except now you can add whatever flavor you wish with ZERO guilt. Watch this short VIDEO to learn more.
    • May I use Devotion products while I’m pregnant and/or nursing?
      Our Stevia based protein is our recommended protein during pregnancy and while nursing. Being that our Flex Flavors are stevia based, they are also diet friendly throughout pregnancy. Both co-founders, Dana and Gina, used the products during pregnancy and while nursing but we always recommend speaking with your healthcare professional for approval.
    • Are your protein powders dairy free?
      No, Devotion Protein, both Original and Stevia version, are a blend of whey and casein therefore they are NOT dairy free.
    • Are your products Gluten Free?
      Devotion Nutrition confirms that our products do not contain gluten from any source, including but not limited to wheat, rye, barley and/or cross-bred hybrids of these grains. This has been verified by the suppliers of the raw materials contained within our products.
    • I normally have issues with gas and bloating when I use protein powders, will I have this same issue with Devotion?
      Every body is different and some tend to be more sensitive to lactose than others. Devotion protein has been formulated to not cause gas or bloating. We formulated the perfect blend of six digestive enzymes to help with the digestion of whey and casein protein. Many customers who normally are sensitive to other proteins, even those that have to follow a dairy free diet, have been able to use Devotion without any issues. We offer sampler packs for you to try before you buy so you can see for yourself how your system digests our protein.
    • Can I bake with Devotion Products?
      Yes, Devotion Protein was formulated to use for baking! We use the tag line “have your shake and eat it too” because that is exactly what you can do with Devotion. You can shake it or bake it! Our protein maintains its moisture and even rises without using baking powder or soda. Devotion protein is the perfect protein to be used for all your baking recipes! Add Flex Flavors to your baking and you have yourself the perfect combo.
    • Is Devotion competition prep friendly?
      Yes! Devotion was developed by two figure competitors to use ON and OFF season. They are not only prep friendly, they are highly recommended! They are the perfect way to keep your prep fun, tasty and to fight cravings! Devotion Nutrition was created by two figure competitors who saw the huge need to add delicious flavor without the guilt or extra calories and sugar.
    • Do you offer samples of Devotion?
      Yes, we sell multiple sampler packs on our website depending what you are interested in trying. With all the different Flex Flavors and different sweetener systems of protein (Original Vs. Stevia), we felt it was very important to offer sample packs so you can try before you buy.
    • How do I make the perfect protein shake?
      The beauty of Devotion protein is you may make your shake as thick or as thin as you desire. Use 12-16 oz of any liquid (water, milk, almond milk) with or without ice and blend or shake into a delicious shake. You may even change the flavor with a Flex Flavor!
    • I see Maltodextrin in your Flex Flavors. What is it and why is it used?
      Maltodextrin is an artificial sugar (also known as a polysaccharide) that has a mild, sweet taste. It's usually created from corn and wheat but can also made from rice, potatoes and tapioca. It is used as a binding agent. One type of maltodextrin is a simple carbohydrate. It contains calories and is used in supplements designed to provide a boost of energy. The second type -- resistant maltodextrin -- comes from the same source, but it goes through additional processing to make it indigestible. Resistant maltodextrin doesn’t provide energy, but it does deliver benefits similar to soluble fiber's. Flex Flavors has the second type of resistant maltodextrin that resists digestion and is similar to dietary fiber and Does NOT provide calories or affect blood sugar.

Shipping, Returns, and Orders:

  • How long does an order take to process and ship?
    Devotion Nutrition is manufactured and ships out of New Jersey. Please expect 4-7 business days to receive your order. Locations closer to New Jersey will not take as long as orders on the west coast so please plan accordingly. Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii orders can take up to 10 business days. Military addresses or states outside the continental U.S. may take longer. Please expect longer shipping times for these addresses.
  • I did not get a confirmation email or tracking
    You should receive tracking information once your package is in the hands of FedEx. Be sure to check your junk mail. If you still do not receive tracking 72 business hours after you have placed your order, we would be happy to look into your order and provide you tracking information. Please email
  • How do I track my package?
    You will have tracking information once it gets into the hands of FedEx. Please allow 48-72 business hours for your tracking information to update.
  • What if I placed the order with the wrong shipping address?
    Please email and we will make the changes as soon as possible.
  • What do I do if I forgot to use the discount code but placed my order?
    Once the order has been placed and processed, we cannot add the discount code. We can, however, cancel your order and you may place it again. Please e-mail us at and we will be happy to help.
  • How do I change my order?
    If your order has been shipped, unfortunately there is nothing we can do. We will have to arrange for the exchange once your order has been received. If you get in touch as soon as possible and your order has not been shipped, we can always do what needs to be done to correct your order, no problem!
  • Do you ship Internationally?
    At this time we are only shipping in the US and Canada. We are doing our best to get the world #Devoted4life but at this time we are focusing on the US. Sooner than later we will be shipping internationally.
  • I don’t like the taste of my products. May I return them for a refund?
    One of the reasons we sell the sampler packs on our website is so that customers are able to try all of our products before making a large purchase. Devotion does not accept back open tubs, open boxes of Flex Flavors or partial sampler packs. In certain circumstances we can accommodate returns. Please email
  • I received my protein tub but it wasn’t filled all the way, is this normal?
    Yes, as with most dry ingredients we allow room for settling in our tubs. Our products are weight based and therefore weight the same whether they have settled or not.
  • Is my credit card information secure?
    Yes! We use an encryption service to process your payment, we do not see your credit card information and we do not store it for future use.
  • How do I become a Devotion Nutrition Ambassador/Athlete?
    We do not currently have an ambassador/ athlete program. However, we do have an affiliate program available at this link- AFFILIATES
  • How do we register for Wholesale?
    If you have a resellers license and a tax i.d. then you qualify for wholesale. There is a link at the bottom of our home page where you can sign up. If you have any additional questions please contact