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How to Make Protein Fluff - The Guilt Free Ice Cream

The Wonder of Protein Fluff!

What is it? Fluff is what you get when you turn your everyday protein shake into a delicious bowl of thick and creamy dessert! Not all protein powder allows you to “fluff”. Devotion Protein has been specially formulated to mix with just a spoon, bake ,or blend into “fluff”. Now you can have your shake and eat it too! How Devotion Fluff keeps you #Devoted4Life Founders Dana and Gina have learned how to banish cravings by coming up with ways to have your shake and eat it too! With Devotion Protein, you can blend your shake into a thick and creamy dessert! When cravings come on strong, we don’t have to turn to ice cream and cookies. Devotion “fluff” can satisfy your cravings without adding the additional calories and fat! Devotion Fluff has saved us from our cravings and will save you too! How do you make Devotion Fluff? Making Fluff is simple. All you have to do is add 1 scoop of Devotion Protein (Angel Food or Brownie Batter) with 2 cups of ice and 1 cup of liquid. Place all the ingredients in a high-speed blender and watch it churn into the most amazing mouth watering thick and creamy shake. Simple Devotion Almond Angel Food Fluff. 


Method: Simply place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until thick and creamy. Pour and add sprinkles over top for a fun and tasty treat.

We will continue to share some of our favorite Devotion Fluff recipes and want to hear from you with your creations! Get creative, take pictures and be sure to share your FLUFF recipes with us! Learn More About our Flex Flavors


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  • Haley Hawkins

    Has anyone tried this without ice? Does it still fluff?

  • Catherine

    Anyone made the the fluff them kept it for later …. like not eaten it all in one sitting?

  • Kelly

    I just got my sampler pack yesterday and I have to say, the quality of these protein powders are unreal! They taste amazing, mix perfectly and don’t turn dry or dense when baked (like every other protein powder I’ve tried this far). Even though I’m on a budget, this product is 100% worth the price and I’ll pay it over and over again with no hesitation.

  • Kim Floyd

    I’m just reading through these comments and want to share that It’s worth the price of shipping. Every. Single. Penny. This is the best product I’ve used in my 13 years of clean eating. Versatile and high quality. You won’t be disappointed, so no worries about ordering something you won’t like. And, no, I’m not sponsored by Devotion. Just a huge fan, like everyone else to whom I recommend the product!

  • Folashade

    I am waiting patiently for my orders to arrive I am so excited to try this!

  • Rachel

    I’m obsessed with the angel food protein! I made the fluff and added a scoop of Hershey’s unsweetened coco. It literally tastes like chocolate ice cream!! I’m a first time customer and I only ordered the angel food protein. I already ordered the flex flavors and I’ll be getting the brownie batter next!!

  • Tracey

    Made a half serving for a snack, replaced half of ice with a frozen banana and used Banana Foster Flex flavor, delicious!

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