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This is how to make Protein Fluff.

This is how to make Protein Fluff.

Protein Fluff is a creamy, smooth, protein ice cream that crushes sweet tooth cravings and leaves you satisfied for hours. Devotion protein is the ideal protein powder to make protein fluff because of our unique whey/ casein blend and other ingredients. There is no need to add gums or other additives. Flex Flavors are also a great way to keep changing up the flavor of protein fluff, so it never gets boring!

With 1 scoop of Devotion protein powder and any of your favorite Flex Flavors, a large cup or bowl of protein fluff yields about 110 calories, 0 sugar, 1 gram of fat, and 20 grams of protein. With Devotion Nutrition, eating clean has never been easier!


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