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Why is Devotion Protein Unlike Any Other Protein Powder You’ve Ever Had


  • We spent thousands of hours selecting the best ingredients to fuel your body and taste buds.
  • We listened to the concerns that customers had with other protein powders and found ways to overcome them. For example, many people complain that protein powder leaves them with gas or bloat. That’s exactly why we added 6 digestive enzymes for easy digestion.
  • So many protein powders give you a strong aftertaste, NOT Devotion protein! You will find NO after taste after ingesting our protein.
  • We also use gluten free ingredients for those with who are gluten intolerant, sensitive or who prefer a gluten free diet.
  • We relentlessly conducted blind taste tests against other leading brands to make sure we captured a superior taste and texture.
  • We baked with it and made sure it has the perfect texture for pancakes, waffles, loafs, and other baked goods
  • We perfected our protein so that it would blend into ice cream aka “Fluff” or simply dissolve in water with just a spoon.
  • We’ve also created 15 FlexFlavors to mix with Devotion Protein so now YOU control your sweetness level and how you want to flavor our protein!
  • Angel Food is the perfect medium to combine with our Flex Flavors. Now you do NOT need to clutter your cabinets with different flavors of protein. Simply add a packet of our Flex Flavors and you have yourself any flavor you may be in the mood for!
  • The possibilities are now… Endless.


Now…You Can Have Your Shake and Eat It Too! More on FLEX FLAVORS, CLICK HERE File Under: Best Tasting Protein Powder - Best Mixing Protein Powder - Thick and Creamy Protein Powder - Post Workout - Pre Workout - Recovery
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