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Why is Devotion Nutrition a great choice for Bariatric patients?

Did you know that Devotion Nutrition has been extremely involved in the Bariatric community for years? We believe that a huge part of long term weight loss success has to do with having the right tools to help you lose the weight and keep it off! When you truly love your food, you can stick to your goals and continue to see incredible results. Losing weight doesn’t only mean lower numbers on the scale, it also means big improvements to the quality of your life and health.
Protein is so important for bariatric patients, here's why:
  • It helps to prevent malnutrition, a common concern for bariatric patients due to the restrictive nature of the surgery.
  • It supports the healing process after surgery.
  • Protein helps to maintain muscle mass, which is essential for maintaining a healthy metabolism and overall health.
  • It can help with weight loss and weight management by helping to keep you feeling full and satisfied after surgery.
  • Protein also supports a healthy immune system, which is especially important for bariatric patients who may be at increased risk of infections after surgery.
Devotion Protein is here to prove that protein can definitely taste delicious, which can be a game-changer when it comes to hitting those protein goals.
Here are some reasons why tasty protein is key:
  • Delicious protein makes it easier to stick to your goals. If you actually enjoy the food you're eating, you're more likely to stick to your plan. 
  • It can make eating healthy more fun and interesting. Let's be real, eating the same bland, tasteless foods day in and day out can get pretty boring. A little flavor and variety can make all the difference! You don’t always have to have a shake. If you are in the mood for a pancake or waffle or even cake, you can have it without straying away from your goals. 
  • It can help satisfy your cravings. Craving something sweet or savory? We have created plenty of protein-packed recipe options that can satisfy those cravings while still supporting your goals.
  • With 20g per scoop of Devotion protein, keeping your protein high doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. Not only is Devotion gluten and sugar free, it’s so high quality that it’s easy even on sensitive bellies. 
  • It’s okay if you aren’t a chef or a cook. Devotion is so easy to prepare. If you an add water to a bowl or mug and mix, you are on your way to a decadent mug cake or pancake in minutes. 
Check out our incredible recipe section of the website for lots of high protein recipes including all of our super star protein flavors. Devotion Nutrition products will not only help you reach your goals, it will become your new healthy lifestyle!