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When Comfort Food and Being Lazy is Beneficial

That’s right! We said it. BE LAZY, HAVE COMFORT FOOD. It does the mind well.

Here’s the thing, our body loves rest! Rest days are extremely important for not only repairing your body, but allowing you to keep training and completing the workouts you enjoy doing.

Did you know that you are likely to lose more weight and build more muscle if you are properly recovered? Fact: Muscle grows during rest.

Sometimes we all need to take a step back, let out a deep breath and allow ourselves to be free from the diligence and structure. Believe me, if you lead a lifestyle of health and fitness, allowing yourself a day to unwind is not going to hinder you or throw you for a tailspin in the opposite direction.

How great does an adult beverage and a oooey gooey brownie sound? The BEST part about this is you can have that adult beverage and an amazing brownie using Devotion Nutrition products. Mix up a margarita using our Gummy Fish Flex Flavor or a batch of triple chocolate brownie batter cookies using Brownie Batter Protein.

Take some time with the kids or your spouse and have a fun baking session at home.  Devotion Nutrition products are safe for the whole family to enjoy, so grab your hunny and the kids and get baking! Choose Brownie Batter flavor protein powder to make your favorite rendition of brownies, chocolate cookies and cakes or use Angel Food Cake flavor and cupcakes, waffles, or even ice cream; and then have your kiddos choose their own FlexFlavors® and sprinkles.

Then, sit down, throw on your favorite movie and put your feet up. You deserve it sis. Take a breather. Being devoted also means taking your mental health into consideration. #mentalhealthawareness