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Unbelievable Smart Points Protein Waffles

Today, many people struggle with obesity. Hormone imbalances, unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle are the common reasons behind being overweight. While there are many recipes and diet plans that promise to shed the weight, most of them fail to deliver any results. In fact, many such diet programs leave a series of ill effects on the health of dieters. However, you can get rid of overweight issues by turning to an ideal weight watchers recipe such as our unbelievable protein waffles. 

  •  What is the Weight Watchers Smart Point Plan?

The Weight Watchers program has been around for decades and has touted much success. The plan lets you eat almost any food that you like. However, you have to take each food in moderation and balance your activity points with your food points, that they refer to as smart points.

In addition, you should track your physical activities and food intake. Eat foods with nutritional value  - vegetables, fruits and lean meat. The best thing about the program is you have the freedom to eat foods that are off limits as long as you stay within your points. This makes the program feels much less like a “diet.”
1SP Waffles


  • Health benefits; It isn’t necessary for you to lose hundreds of pounds to reap the medical benefits of weight loss.

Any type of weight loss, no matter how small, will do your body good. It takes pressure off of joints and bones and lowers blood pressure. Sticking with a plan that doesn’t feel like a diet is inevitably effective as you don’t feel that you are unable to indulge in small pleasures. Combined with the physical activity you are monitoring, your body grows stronger, you gain muscle, and muscle burns calories. You’re boosting your metabolism to run more efficiently. Add in vital nutrients from the good food choices you make and you’re on the path to a better life.

When you’re system runs more efficiently, it works harder to fight off illness and disease. Improved mobility reduces pain and you have more energy.

  • Lifestyle benefits; Apart from the health benefits, you could also experience an improvement in your lifestyle after losing weight. Weight Watchers participants often observe a drastic improvement in their lifestyle in many noted areas. First of all, you become active. You are no longer that lazy guy who sits and whiles away his time on a computer desk or in bed. You expend enough time on outdoor activities such as playing games, running, walking and other activities. Once your activities improve, you tend to be more confident and feel less stress. Also, increased activities mean a good night’s sleep. Your mood improves and you have a more positive body image.

We’ve created many amazing recipes that fit in with the Smart points program, including our ultimate protein waffles. Not only can you indulge in fluffy waffles, but they fit into your diet, provide much needed protein for muscle building. Feel healthy and good about what you eat, even after telling your friends you had waffles for breakfast!

By: Gina Aliotti