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Meal plans or macros... What's better?

It’s funny how divisive we’ve become lately in everything it seems. Just this week I witnessed a heated discussion between two people about what’s better when it comes to fat loss - meal plans or macros?

One person insisted that going off of a meal plan was “restrictive” and “disordered” and would lead to an eating disorder. The other person quickly shot back that going off of macros is equally “restrictive” and if not more so because it’s “borderline obsessive.”

Woah, woah, woah, let’s hold up a bit here people! Speaking strictly on comparing these two dieting approaches, let’s take the feelings out of it and instead look at what the science says.

When a macro based diet was compared to a meal plan diet, it was found that they were both equally effective for fat loss. Both diets were equal in calories and protein intake and the study was conducted over 10 weeks. (Ref PMID 34187492)

Both of these dieting techniques are simply methods towards an individual's various goals. We must keep in mind that we are all individuals and not every methodology will work for every individual - we aren’t one size fits all!

Using myself as an example, I am a meal plan person. For so many reasons meal plans work better for me. I am a busy, single mom, business woman, athlete, entrepreneur, and I do not have the capacity to think about what I’m going to eat. This is where having a coach that writes my meal plans for me is the most effective and impactful way to keep me on track towards my goals. I don’t have to think about it! At the grocery store, I know exactly what to get. I measure out and prepare my meals and am done. 

NOW, a meal plan approach for someone else could be seen as very rigid and restrictive. In which case, that approach wouldn’t work for that individual.

There are some that prefer macros because they need more flexibility. Some enjoy tracking and making the puzzle pieces fit together each day, almost like Tetris. 

There are some individuals that do BOTH meal plans and macros for days they need to eat out for work or travel or whatever.

So, which is BETTER when it comes to fat loss specifically?! NEITHER. They are both equal.

You know what else is so great?! You can use Devotion products for BOTH dieting approaches!

I’ve used all of the Devotion Nutrition products while on my strict diets for the bodybuilding shows that I do. It always fits well into my plans, hits my protein targets, and quite frankly tastes GREAT.

Devotion Nutrition products also work well for macro based, or flexible dieting plans. I’ve got a host of clients that use the protein for baking bars and cakes and breads and so much more!

The key is to find an approach that is just as unique and individual as you are. If you’re having a hard time figuring that out, I highly suggest hiring a coach.