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Forget Ice Cream — We Scream For Fluff!

Does your mouth start watering when you hear the jingle of a nearby ice cream truck? Us too! 

We all get those unstoppable cravings for a sweet, creamy, icy-cold treat. If you think you have to deprive yourself of summer’s greatest way to beat the heat — think again! The only way to stick to your fitness goals is to enjoy the journey. That’s why we’ve created these AMAZING recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the cavities or the calories! 

Protein Fluff is the answer to your ice cream prayers. We blend our specially formulated protein powder with only water and ice (and a few optional ingredients... if we’re feeling fancy) to create a fluffy, soft-serve ice-creamy dessert so delicious you’ll forget ALL about Mr. Softee! Each recipe packs a whopping 20+ grams of protein with zero added sugar. Best of all this fluff is simple to whip up and easy to customize with your favorite Flex Flavors. 

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite combinations:


Add fresh blueberries to a blender with Angel Food Cake Protein and Fruity Hoops Flex Flavors to create a huge bowl of sweet and delicious soft-serve packed with antioxidants!


Nothing says SUMMER like campfire s’mores. This bowl of bliss starts with our Brownie Batter Protein to create a rich chocolatey fluff base. If you’re a chocolate lover — this recipe is for you!


You won’t need an excuse to party once you make our scrumptious Birthday Cake Fluff! 20 grams of protein + zero sugar = cravings crushed. And don’t forget the sprinkles!! 


This one is kid-friendly! That’s right — it's a healthy treat that got a pint-sized seal of approval! Make it together after dinner or on the weekend for a fun activity the whole family will enjoy.

It’s not always easy to stick to our goals. Temptation is everywhere and consistency takes effort. For times when you just need a sweet treat to pick you up — Devotion Nutrition has you covered with tons of easy recipes to crush your cravings and keep you on track. It’s not a diet... It’s a lifestyle!  #UNTILITSDONE