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  • Michele A.

    I know it’s been said a million times already but I freakin love this protein. It’s seriously awesome. That is all…

  • Lady Hammer, IFBB Figure Pro

    We as competitive athletes are subjected to a lot of the same food during prep which tends to become boring and repetitive- FlexFlavor to the rescue! Not only is the product clean and prep friendly, but it makes prep completely bearable with its delicious variety of stevia based sweeteners.

  • Amanda

    My coach I have is so old school so I have had to search out other diet plans in my prep. I know some people might be unsure if your product is prep safe but I have been using it everyday since I got it and this the leanest I have every been and for me to see my abs is just incredible. I gave birth to 5 children I never thought I’d see this day. So yeah I’m a bit of a groupie of Devotion at this point.

  • Lisa Lillien, Hungry Girl

    The calorie-free Flex Flavors may be the creation of the century, in wildly delicious options like Creme Brulee and Peanut Butter Crunch (15 in all)! Sweetened with stevia, they're the perfect way to add flavor to yogurt, coffee, shakes, and more

  • Valerie

    Absolutely genius. Think of these gems as flavors sweeteners! You can alter anything with these: protein powder, Greek yogurt, coffee, oatmeal, salad dressings, mustards… The combos are endless!! Check these out. I am in love and addicted

  • Mrs. Crivi

    I made mine last night with just half of a frozen banana , water and ice… Oh my dear sweet baby Jesus… no excuses with stuff in your life..

  • Kira Neuman, IFBB Pro

    I was able to get creative with these products while still staying on my contest prep plan. Adding the flex flavors to everything from my oatmeal to my morning coffee, every single flavor is amazing! The protein powder not only mixes well with water for my post training shakes, but it bakes well to make some amazing contest prep friendly, protein packed treats! I love the company and what they stand for. I love that they share their amazing original recipes on their website and social media. I encourage my clients and social media followers to use Devotion Nutrition because I truly love the products and use them every day!

  • Angela K.

    I am allergic to cow’s milk but can tolerate this protein just fine. I was shocked! Before this I could only use goat whey protein. Big love for Devotion!

  • Mrs. Swollivan

    Okay, I had my doubts about Devotion Nutrition and Flex Flavors… but man was I wrong! Just busted open my sampler pack and put this baby in my yogurt… I’m eating dessert now.

  • Stan McQuay, IFBB Pro 

    I was always under the belief that one must suffer thru dieting to achieve the goal of being shredded. When I started adding Flex Flavors to both my foods and my drinks, I couldn't believe that not only was i still achieving my goals, but I was also enjoying every meal now..... Doesn't feel like "dieting" anymore!- Stan Maquay

  • Kim Floyd, IFBB Pro 

    Good morning! So, here’s a new one for you… A sponsor dumped me because I was promoting your products. Annnd, totally worth it. I still don’t know how you guys did it, but my friends and I are hooked. I shared my protein and Flex Flavors with some of my teammates and they all had the same reaction… it involves happy expletives that I won’t repeat.

  • Danita H.

    I want to tell you all how thankful I am that you overnighted the angel food protein. I fixed the fluff for my mom, who is fighting cancer and got some great protein in her, giving our whole family hope. Thank you for being a part of my mom's journey toward healing and health. You made a difference in our lives. Thank you.