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Peach Melba Protein Shake

Wash raspberries and puree raspberries in a blender. If needed, add a small bit of water to allow fruit to be blended. To remove the seeds, pour puree into a mesh strainer over a small bowl and use a spatula or spoon to press the raspberry pulp through the mesh. Discard the seeds. Add Razzmatazz Flex Flavor to raspberry puree, mix well and set aside.

In a blender or food processor, blend Devotion Angel Food Cake protein powder with Peach Cobbler Flex Flavors, water and ice (1 C for shake, 2 C for fluff) until desired consistency is reached. Layer with fruit sauce into a large, tall glass and enjoy!


Macros per recipe (including raspberry sauce): Cal: 132 // Fat: 2 // Sat Fat: 1 // Carbs: 10 //  Fiber: 4 // Pro: 20 // Sugar: 4

*Notes: While this recipe calls for Peach Cobbler and Razzmatazz Flex Flavors, feel free to substitute other flavors, based on availability or personal preference. Italian Almond Cookie Pairs well with both raspberry and peach flavors, as do other fruit flavors like Blueberry Sky, Strawberry Fields, and Bananas Foster. For those who prefer, consider making the sauce using mango or strawberries. Frozen fruit (defrosted) may also be used if fresh is not available.



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