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Fruity Hoops Protein Fluff

Remember rushing through the cereal bowl to drink those last drops of sweet flavorful milk. Now you can have that experience all over again, but without the guilt. The Fruity Hoops Protein Fluff is perfect for the kid in all of us!



Method: Simply mix all ingredients in a high speed blender until a frothy fluff appears.   Macros: 100 Calories 20 Grams Protein 1.5 Grams Fat 3 Grams Carbohydrates 0 Sugars


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  • Gerry

    I received the intro package with a sampling of each product but I don’t know out to make a simple smoothie. I don’t have a scoop so what is the measurement of 1 or 2 scoops. I don’t want a “fluff” just a drinkable smoothie.


    Fruity fluff has calories of 100 – but the ingredients are water, ice and zero calorie flavor stix… so I was not sure where the 100 calories are coming from
    I like just stumbled upon website through Veggie Lites website which I tried for 1st time today
    Not all the recipes have calories listed, I wish they did as I count calories

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