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Fruity Hoops Protein Bites

Ingredients:   Frosting ingredients:

  Method: Mix all ingredients well in a medium bowl. Consistency should be a firm dough. Add a tbsp of milk at a time to increase moisture, add a tbsp of coconut flour at a time to firm up. Refrigerate for about 10 minutes for liquid to absorb. Separate dough into 3 small equal parts and place in 3 small bowls. Add food coloring to each bowl to reach desired color. (Red + blue = purple, yellow + red = orange, little bit of red = pink). Frosting: Mix all frosting ingredients together until well blended. Top each bite, and enjoy!   *Optional garnish: Rainbow sprinkles   Recipe makes 18 bites. Macros per 6 bites (1/3 batch): Cal: 110 // fat: 2.9 // pro: 13 // carb: 8.2 // fib: 4.2


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  • Nicole

    Hi Jodi, I make these almost daily and I do get about 18 small bites when I roll them. They are less than one inch in size. I use Bobs RedMill coconut flour which is pretty absorbent, maybe you needed less liquid with yours? I split up the white batter into 3 separate bowls for this and just used a few drops of each food coloring in the combos listed to achieve the different colors. That is also a liquid so it may have contributed to the stickiness if they were already sticky before you added the color. Honestly, the only thing I can attribute the consistency to is the coconut flour. If you try these again, you might just want to add your milk Tbsp by Tbsp until you reach a thick dough batter. Thank you for the feedback!

  • Jodi

    I usually have the best luck with your recipes. I tried this one. I don’t know how your kitchen got 18 bites from a single batch. They must have been the tiniest of nibbles. I got about 8 fairly small bites (certainly not big enough to take a bite out of as the image shows). It was incredibly sticky and working more protein or flour didn’t help. The recipe doesn’t say how to incorporate the food coloring into the dough either. Just says to add it to the bowl of already chilled dough.

  • Gina and Dana

    Haha, Even better Dawn! Thanks

  • Dawn

    Love all these recipes..the cream cheese icing is my favorite…i use the full fat cream cheese (Nicole knows about me and my full-fat diet) LOL!

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