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Flex Flavors - The Revolutionary Sugar Free, Zero Calorie, Instant Flavoring System

Flex Flavors - The Revolutionary Sugar Free, Zero Calorie, Instant Flavoring System

What the Heck is a Flex Flavor?

Brownie Batter and Angel Food Cake were designed specifically to work best with our line of Flex Flavors. They allow you to create dozens of different flavor combinations to keep your taste buds excited and eating healthy fun! Flex Flavors also allow YOU to create your own sweetener level and flavor preference. From Razzmatazz to Coconut Biscotti, you can create any flavor you are in the mood for. One Flex Flavor will give you a hint of flavor where 2 will pop that flavor even more for those that like a bit stronger flavor. You can add Devotion’s Flex Flavors to just about everything. Whether you are at home or on the road, Flex Flavors are easy to use and can even be carried with you to flavor your shakes on the go! No need to clutter your cabinets will different flavors of protein, all you have to do is change it up by adding a different Flex Flavor. Flex Flavors are NOT just to be added to protein powder, the are extremely FLEXible and can be used in SO many fun and create ways!

Here are just a few of the endless ways to use Devotion Flex Flavors.

  • In your oatmeal (Blueberry Sky is a favorite)
  • mixed with peanut butter (Razzmatazz with peanut butter = Pb & J)
  • blended in your Devotion Fluff (Crème Brulee Fluff is divine!)
  • add to your Greek yogurt (Lemon Meringue yogurt is delicious)
  • mixed in with Angel Food and blended in a cup of coffee to make a delicious latte (Coconut Biscotti Latte is yummy!)
  • add to your eggs for flavored eggs
  • add to your milk or Devotion Angel Food Shake and pour over cereal (Add Fruity Hoops to get Devotion’s sugar free version of Fruit Loops)
  • add to your muffins, pancakes and loafs to change up the flavor. (Add Bananas Foster makes a great fluffy pancake, the whole family will enjoy!)
  • mix in with Devotion protein and ¼ cup water to get a delicious guilt free icing to eat by itself or smeared over our delicious Devotion baked recipes.


You can see how endless the possibilities are! Not to mention, you can also get creative with combining different Flex Flavors to come up with even more options. For example, try mixing Angel Food Cake with our Strawberry Fields and you now have Strawberry Shortcake. Mix ½ scoop Brownie Batter with ½ scoop Angel Food and Crème Brulee Flex Flavor and get Devotion Cookies ‘n Cream. We have mentioned Fluff several times…Learn more about What Devotion Protein Fluff is all about HERE. File Under: Sugar Free Flavorings - Zero Calorie Food and Beverage Flavoring - Instant Flavoring Stick Packs - How to Make Any Food or Beverage Taste Delicious


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